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Color Availability
Every color is generally availble for every item we offer however the thicker the latex, the less color choices there are available. If time is of the essence and you want to make sure you get your order as quickly as possible, send us an email to enquire on our current stock of latex you desire. Usually, for low or out of stock latex, we can get resupplied in a week or so...

Thickness Guide and Pricing
We offer a range of thicknesses to better give you the best feel for the outfit you want. The thicker materials are, unfortunately more expensive so we charge a small percentage more per thickness ílevelí-
.2mm (Very Light) - No Extra Charge - Feels closest to a ísecond skiní
.3mm (Light) - No Extra Charge - Great for shirts and flows well
.4mm (Medium) - 5% Surcharge - Great for skirts and a body holds well
.5mm (Heavy) - 10% Surcharge - Thicker material you definitely feel when on
.6mm (Very Heavy) - 15% Surcharge - Best for a restrictive feel or bondage

Our shipping cost is based on flat rates per zone. Anywhere in the US is $15, Canada and Mexico $35 and UK $45. You can order and have an unlimited number of products shipped for one shipping fee. Please note that shipping services are subject to availability, and that we undertake only to dispatch (but not deliver) goods within the time specified. We cannot be held responsible for delays in delivery caused by circumstances beyond our control.

Important Tips for Latex Care
This short guide provides you with practical hints to make caring for your latex garments easier. Well cared for latex clothing will give you years of use.

Dressing and Undressing
Take care when dressing and undressing!
Latex does stretch to a point but do not over-stretch as it will tear. Long fingernails, jewelry or other sharp objects can damage latex. Talcum powder, latex compatible lubricants, baby powder or liquid dressing aids make dressing easier, particularly with tight-fitting items.

Standard Sizing Charts can be found Here

Washing and Drying
Latex, like other types of clothing require regular care. Make sure to wash your latex garments each time you have worn them. If necessary add a little mild soap to lukewarm water and then rinse well in warm water. Hang the garment up and allow to dry completely. It may be necessary to turn it inside out to facilitate the drying process. Once completely dry the garment should be lightly powered with talcum or unscented baby powder on the inside. Thin latex tends to stick together after washing. A very light latex polish could be applied prior to storage.

Store latex clothing in a dark, cool, dry place, preferably on wide clothes hangers or loosely folded. Store light and dark colors separately. Some darker colors can bleed into lighter colors, permanently discoloring it.

For manufacturing reasons, new latex garments will arrive with a fine layer of powder on them. This can easily be removed with a quick rinse and polish. The most commonly used products are latex polishes. These will give your garments a matte shine. Spray a little polish on the garment with a pump spray bottle and distribute it evenly with a soft cloth. After a short drying period the garment will be ready. For a brighter, more intense shine, silicone sprays are the most suitable. Be sure to follow the manufacturerís instructions carefully and be sure they do not contain any petroleum distillates or oils.

General Care
Oils, greases and solvents destroy latex and rubber. Keep all latex garments away from oils, hand creams, most polishes and leather (leather contains oils).
Avoid prolonged exposure to excess heat, sunlight and humidity, which can discolor and degrade the integrity of latex. Some silicone lubricants can leach into and unglue seams if not washed off after each use. Make sure any lubricant you may choose to use is latex compatible.
Light colored latex rubber can permanently stain when it comes in contact with copper, brass, or bronze. This includes handling copper pennies and then touching latex! Be extremely careful around candles, cigarettes, or other open flames-
Latex is flammable!

We can not and do not take responsibility for damage to
latex garments caused by improper use or misuse

Allergy Warning!
Latex is a natural product that some people are allergic to. Before considering a purchase, be sure to test if you are allergic to any form of latex. While dressing up for fun and pleasure may be part of the fantasy, a trip to the emergency room would certainly kill any good mood instantly.

Repairs and Alterations
We can also repair most latex outfits and accessories from a small hole all the way to replacing a zipper that has come loose. Please contact us for quote as the prices below are just meant for cost estimatation.

- Small Patch (3x3 inches) - $15
- Large Patch - $25
- Replace a Sleeve - $40
- Replace a short zipper (12 inches long) - $20
- Replace a medium zipper (30 inches long) - $40
- Replace a long zipper (50 inches long) - $80
- Fix a zipper that has come off track - $15
- Replace eyelets/studs/snaps - $15
- Add appliques or stripes - Starting at $20

Ordering and Shipping
We accept payment via PayPal, checks, and money orders.
An email will be sent immediately to you at the address provided with your order details.
You will be notified via email every time the order status changes.
Emails are sent when:
   -Order Recieved
     -Payment Recieved and Confirmed
      -We begin crafting your order
       -Your order is ready to ship
        -Your order is in transit (with receipt and/or confirmation numbers)
         -Delivery confirmed via shipper

All orders are shipped in plain packages with íKitBí as the sender.
Please allow up to 6-8 weeks for delivery (International deliveries may take longer)

Disclaimers and Terms
-Kink in the box.com cannot be held responsible for any use or misuse of any of itís products.
Always play Safe, Sane and Consensual!
-Product pictures may show other products available, color combinations or accessories not included with product unless specifically stated in product description. Every effort is made to maintain consistency, however actual product purchased may vary slightly from pictures due to updated design, manufacturing process or materials available. See descriptions for details on each individual item.
-Prices subject to change without any notice as set by Kink in the Box.com.

-All products sold as novelty only.
-All designs submitted to or collaborated with us become the property of KinkintheBox.com unless otherwise agreed with us and can be used in our creative process as we see fit. Unsolicited ideas for products will be considered property of Kink in the Box.com.
-Due to the custom creation of individual orders, please allow 6 to 8 weeks for delivery though actual time is usually much shorter.

-Undeliverable packages subject to any and all redelivery fees.

-If an item needs to be returned, you must notify us within two (2) business days. Product must be in itís original condition and have itís original packaging. Custom items may not be returned from customer mismeasurments. Any returns must be pre-approved, shipped at customerís expense, and must be tracked by shipping service of choice.

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