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Kink in the Box repairs or alters latex clothing, ours or any other latex labels.

You can contact us with your questions and we can give you an estimate price.
First estimates are based on description; a final price will be given when we can inspect the garment in person.

Below is basic information about our policy-

1. Some used garments will not adhere to new latex. We may not be able to do the repair or alterations. This happens to the latex after many shines with water-based lubricants or most shiners, also different manufactures of latex sheeting.
2. In very rare cases the garment being worked on may tear or get damaged, this may happen when taking apart a week seam, repairing, or deconstruction of a garment for repair or alteration. In this rare case we will repair it to our best of our abilities but we can not be held responsible if it is unfixable.
3. Please wash your garment before sending it to us as well as remove all shiners. Talc the inside and outside of the garment. If any item comes to us unwashed, still shined or without it being fully covered in talc, Kink in the Box will charge an additional washing fee.
4. Kink in the Box repairs and alters normally adhere to our normal crafting and shipping timetable and can take 4-6 weeks. We will, however do our best to repair and ship as quickly as possible. Please contact us before you send the garment if express service is needed.

How much will the repair cost?

Here is a general price guide for repairs. Please note that each repair and alteration is different, so these prices are only guides. I will need to look over your specific item before I can give you a firm price.

- Small Patch (3x3 inches)...$15
- Large Patch...$25
- Replace a Sleeve...$40
- Replace a short zipper (12 inches long)...$20
- Replace a medium zipper (30 inches long)...$40
- Replace a long zipper (50 inches long)...$80
- Fix a zipper that has come off track...$15
- Replace eyelets/studs/snaps...$15
- Add side stripes to a sleeveless shirt...$30
- Add side stripes to a sleeveless short dress...$50

Obtaining a Quote

To obtain a quote for any service- be it repairs, replacements, custom work or alterations- you must contact us prior to placing an order or shipping us your items. Any orders placed or items shipped, will be cancelled and returned!
Typically, to have any service performed follows this basic process:
1. Contact Us and describe what you would like to have done
- Describe outfit or item to be worked on
- Describe desired results
- Be as detailed as possible
    I want a red zipper placed on the back of my dress from the top of the collar and down 18 inches;
    Replace 3 silver 1/2 inch grommets that popped out of my waist cincher;
2. We will send you a rough estimate of repairs
3. If you approve the rough estimate, send us your items for physical inspection with no obligation. We will provide our shipping address at this time
4. We recieve and examine your article and provide a quote for the service (may be different than initial rough estimate)
5. If you approve quote after phyical inspection, we will then invoice you for the work and provide a date for return. If you do not approve quote, your item will be shipped back at no charge.
6. We will notify you when work has started, is complete and finally when shipped.
7. Receive item in the mail, open and enjoy!

If you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to Contact Us!
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