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VacBed FAQ

What is a VacBed?
  The VacBed is arguably the most intense yet simplest of bondage devices. An envelope of latex is stretched over a PVC frame and the air sucked out. With the air gone, the latex stretches tightly and traps the occupant inside, completely unable to move. The victim inside has no control of what happens to them. You can be massaged and caressed, allowed to simply lay there for an extended time, tickled mercilessly or an almost countless number of other things all while inside your own little, tight world. Time can sweep by or drag on forever. You can let your mind wander and relax pacefully. Touches are amplified while sight, smell, your hearing and taste are all stripped away. The experience can be frightening for those who do not like closed spaces but different options can help overcome that hurdle.

What can you do in a VacBed?
  For those considering spending the money to get your own VacBed, the options may seem rather limited in uses upon first glance. The first feeling of climbing in and feeling it envelop you is intense but feeling someone on the outside running their warm hands up and down your body is electric! Several options are to be thoroughly polished to a bright shine, rubbed down with handfuls of slippery lube or simply teased with a gentle touch. When play escalates, a whip, crop, paddle or hand can be used in impact play. Alternating between drips of warm water and an ice cube can feel like sheer torture. A vibrator rubbed over all parts of the body can be agonzing. Feeling the pressure of your partner laying on you can be tormenting. Left on your own can be both relaxing or stir paranoia of what will happen next. A generous helping of lube inside the bed can allow the victim limited use of their hands to move and feel themselves inside. These are just a few of the options that do not even utilize the optional Access Hole.

What to look for...
  The overall quality and construction are very important when looking into your very own VacBed. We make sure that every bed that comes off our crafting table is inspected for any weak spots, all edges and holes are reinforced and Head-Out/Face-Out holes and sleeves are hemmed to prevent tearing. This ensures a long life and many many hours of play. The frame is carefully measured and all permenant couplings or elbows are glued to strengthen against breaking. Even the drilled air-flow holes are hand tested for smoothness and any burrs removed so it will not catch on the latex. Some other companies simply cut a sheet of latex, glue in a zip, cut holes and ship. Some may charge more, but that does not always make it a better deal in the end.

Why Air-Tight?
  Enjoyment in and around a VacBed can go on nearly uninterrupted with a quality air-tight model and good one-way valve. Older and lower quality beds can leak air through an unsealed zipper or poor valve requiring your vacuum to constantly be running which can both be distracting and potentially dangerous if the vacuum overheats. Our VacBeds all feature a full wrap-around zipper for ease of entry along with a sealing flap to help ensure no air gets in.

Safety Issues
  A Latex VacBed may look scary but is completely safe if you take a few precautions and always have a partner on the outside. When climbing in be careful not to pull and snag the latex or it can tear. Once inside, line up your breathing accessway properly. When the vacuum is turned on, the VacBed will quickly come down on you and basically lock you in place. If your breathing hole shifts and moves, your outside partner must turn off the vacuum immediately to allow you to readjust placement. A good thing to set up beforehand is a 'safeword' or more specifically, 'safeGRUNTS'. What works well for us is 3 grunts in rapid succession to signal 'I Want Out!' or 'Something Is Wrong!'
Whatever you do, never play alone!
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