Air Tight Zippered Vacbed


Our Standard style Vacuum Bed has your choice of single color latex envelope and single reinforced hole for breathing.
Features wrap-around zipper for entry, 8″ latex wrap-around sealing flap, 6 piece PVC frame with pre-drilled flow holes, and one-way valve. This is one intense piece of hardware!? Add a second reinforced hole or self-sealing gasket to allow full genital access.

Made in .3mm thickness standard in single main top color, single secondary color on the back side, and is 39″ wide and 84″ long with a single 1″ reinforced breathing hole. Breathing hole size can be customized any size but we will not make it less than 1/2″ for safety. With flap rolled down, our vacbed will remain airtight even after the vacuum is turned off using the inlcuded one-way valve.
Remember: This not a solo-play device!?Always?have someone outside to monitor in case of trouble.

See?FAQ Page for more vacbed info and option descriptions.
**Orders outside US with frame included will incur additional shipping charge due to over-sized package**

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As Shown:

  • Main Color: Black
  • Secondary Color: Black
  • Zipper Color: Black
  • Thickness: .3mm


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