Chlorination Service

Chlorination Service


Ever wanted your outfits to easily slide on without the need to powder or lube up first?? Our Chlorination Service is definitely for you! We are the top chlorination service in the US! No need to pay international shipping for a domestic service.

By exposing your latex to free chlorine molecules in a special chemical process, the open-ended latex molecules are closed off creating a ‘glass-like’ feel with virtually no more ‘tackiness’. This also can help slow down the degradation of your outfit and preserve a shine without the need for constant polishing. There is also anecdotal evidence that chlorinated latex has reduced allergic reactions compared to untreated latex (please request a sample to be sure).

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Size Selection:

  • Small Items- Gloves (as Pair), Stockings (as Pair), Masks, and similar
  • Medium Items- Catsuits, Corsets, Shirts, Dresses, and similar
  • Large Items- Vacbeds/Cubes, Sleepsacks, Bed Sheets, and similar

Cleaning Selection:

  • Prior to Shipping- For new items dusted with talc/baby powder. For old/used items, clean thoroughly inside and out so no residual lube or shine is on any of the surfaces and free of any other contaminants that may prevent a good chemical reaction to the latex surface. Dust with talc/baby powder to prevent sticking.
  • By Us- We will clean only polish, lubricants or shiners (For hygienic reasons, please wash away any biologicals/contaminants first)

Type Selection:

  • Standard Inside+Out- The typical chlorination procedure. Chemicals treat both the inside and outside for a smooth, even finish
  • Single Sided- Treatment to inside only leaving the outside chemically unaltered. Only available for items with smaller openings such as gloves, stockings, leggings, and some catsuits. Please contact us if unsure.

1 review for Chlorination Service

  1. PupGear22

    Just wanted to send a huge thank you out to @KinkInTheBox for the AMAZING work they did chlorinating my ForFun pup suits.

    They did it in a timely manner for a great price and it came out perfectly with absolutely NO discoloration. I always hated putting on my gasmask and it just slides on.

    I cannot say enough about the level of service, communication and quality that they put out.

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