Locking Vampire Gloves

Locking Vampire Gloves


Built for Doms and subs, each of the fingers of this pair of Vampire Gloves is decorated with small spikes from base to tip, transforming your hand into a pad of barbed pleasure. Doms can use these gloves to lightly rub, spank, and caress their subs body to tease and stimulate with the tiny spikes. Turn up the intensity and engage in extreme pain play by slapping your subs meaty parts with authority. Always be sure to properly communicate the limits of your BDSM play before your scene!

Designed for intense domination and stimulation – use these vampire gloves to instill fear in your subs by lightly caressing their body and giving a gentle squeeze to let them know whos in charge. The small spikes provide a sharp and prickly sensation, perfect for scratching the back, neck, and inner thighs – if your sub has a penchant for fear and light pain play, these Vampire Gloves will make them sing.

The locking buckle and adjustable wrist has its uses in chastity play: If your sub is being extra bratty and extra unruly for the day – simply equip their hands with these spiky gloves and lock them in, preventing them from sexually gratifying themselves until you give them permission to do so or do it yourself!

Measurements: 8.25 inches from wrist to tip of the middle finger; wrist adjusts from 7.85 inches to 11 inches in circumference

Materials: Leather, Metal

Color: Black

Note: Sold in pairs, Pad-lock not included

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MSRP: $110.99
Manufacturer Sku #: AG700
Item Weight: 0.30 pounds
Manufacturer Name: XR Brands
Brand: Strict
UPC Barcode: 848518042996
Packaging: Vacuum Sealed
Color: Black
Material: Leather, Metal
Product Length: 8.25
Product Width or Diameter: 3.5
Case Count: 50

Dimensions 1602 × 2400 in


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