Love Couch

Love Couch


This sexy, comfortable chaise lounge is perfect for adding some spice to your life! Made out of high-density foam, it’s easy to move and compact when shipped. This couch is soft, but the foam is firm and supportive so you and your partner can try countless new positions that enhance and extend your sexy sessions! As an added bonus, the smaller pillow not only fits perfectly in the curve of the couch; it also can be moved anywhere you need extra support! Use it as a travel sex-pillow, place it on a bed, couch or bench as a portable sex aid, or place it on the floor to pad your knees while kneeling. The soft, faux suede outer cover feels exquisite against your bare skin and the foam is protected by a water-resistant inner cover. Both covers are machine washable.

Reimagine sex and play with this curved, chaise lounge couch! The velvety cover is made of polyester and gently caresses your skin as you ride on top of it. Recline back and let your partner part your legs and give you some attention with their mouth, lips, tongue and hands. Turn over and lean your arms and chest against the upper part of the couch while you kneel against the dip in the couch and do it Doggy Style! You can ride them without having to practice a bunch of yoga stretches when you’re supported up off the ground and able to straddle them! Enhance every position and get to your favorite angle that hits that sweet spot with this sexy, plush couch!

After play, cleaning up is so easy! Simply strip the layers and throw them in the washing machine on a gentle cycle. Never worry about stains or seeping through to the foam again!

Measurements: Overall: 58 inches L x 20.5 Inches W x 27 Inches H
Pillow: 20.5″ x 20.5″ x 5″

Max Weight: 440 lbs

Materials: Foam, polyester, nylon

Color: Red

Key Features:
High Density Foam: This foam is supportive, comfortable and firm so it can support you and your lover’s bodies! It can also be compressed into a smaller size to make shipping easy!
Supportive Sexy Curves: The curve of this chaise lounge is ergonomic and supports countless positions! Enjoy climbing on top or slipping down low on this couch. Your wrists, hips, knees and body will thank you!
Soft Pillow: Designed to fit your couch perfectly, providing unparalleled support. The versatile pillow can be used for travel, on beds, couches, benches, or as knee support on the floor.
Faux Suede: The faux suede outer cover is super soft and made of polyester. Enjoy the soft caress of this material on your body!
Machine Washable Covers: The outer layer is soft and removable and so is the water-resistant inner layer that protects the foam. Simply throw both in the washing machine on a gentle cycle.

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Weight: 39

Brand: Bedroom Bliss Signature Collection

Packaging: Retail Packaging

Material: Foam, polyester, nylon

Color: Red


Length: 40


Width/Diameter: 21.5

Power Source:


Dimensions 2400 × 2400 in


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