Nuru Inflatable Massage Sheet Deluxe Kit

Nuru Inflatable Massage Sheet Deluxe Kit


Bring erotic play back into your bedroom! This massage sheet is paired with thick, slick and slippery nuru gel. This traditional, Japanese massage oil is perfect for slippery fun and erotic play. Enjoy a mess-free massage with the spill-proof massage sheet as you tackle, rub, body-slide and wrestle your lover until you’re both covered in oil!

The durable vinyl sheet is waterproof, oil and gel proof and spill-proof. The soft and comfortable sheet has an inflatable border that keeps the oil from spilling over the sides of the sheet onto the floor. Included in the package is nuru massage body gel, a perfect pairing for this nuru massage sheet

Measurements: 78.75 inches x 67 inches x 5.5 inches (Border inflates up to 5.5 inches). Vinyl sheet is 0.25mm thick.

Sheet: Vinyl

Massage Oil: De-ionized Water, Trehalose 100, Glycerine USP 99.7 percent, Polyox WSR Coagulant, Extract; Grape Seed GLY, NAS0223-11, Oristar LJE, Laminaria Japonica Extract, Disodium EDTA, Protacide NA2P, Glucono Delta Lactone, Sodium Benzoate, Sodium Hydroxide, (NAOH), Caustic Soda 50 percent

Color: Black

Key Features:
Spill-proof for Messy Play: Keep your bed and sheets clean with this inflatable sheet. Waterproof and oil-proof, the 0.25mm thick vinyl has an inflatable, 5.5 inch border to make it spill-proof as well!
Soft and Slick Material: The sheet itself is soft to the touch and – once nuru oil is added – slick and slippery for a fun and erotic massage.
Durable and Easy to Clean: The strong and durable vinyl holds up to oil massage or oil wrestling and is easy to clean after using.
Slick and Slippery Japanese Massage Oil: This massage oil based off the traditional Japanese nuru oil is thick, viscous, sticky and slick. Originally used for the benefit to the skin, it is perfect for erotic massage and fun to play with!

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Weight: 4.96

Brand: Passion Lubricants

Packaging: Retail Packaging

Material: Vinyl

Color: Black


Length: 78.5


Width/Diameter: 67

Power Source:


Dimensions 2400 × 1973 in


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