Prison Stockade

Prison Stockade


Wow! Our new Prison Stockade with Fucking Rod is getting a lot of attention. This restrictive device locks the slave’s hands, ankles and neck in steel completely immobilizing them. Then the fun starts with our Fucking Rod. The rod screws into the steel stockade and is so versatile. It can be adjusted from a height of 14″ to 23″ for proper insertion. The shaft can rotate a complete 90 degrees. So you can fuck at any angle. Want to fuck at 45 degrees you can, 50 degrees no problem. There is plenty of fucking thrust, the rod slides back and forth almost 9″ for that deep fuck. Then once you’re finished just tighten the knob on the Fucking Rod to keep it in secured in their ass. Great for bondage, humiliation or just a good fuck. Stockade can be used with or without the Fucking Rod, just unscrew it from the base and put away for storage.

The stockade body can also be adjusted to fit people of different heights. The steel collar pivots 45 degrees to lock the head at different angles and the shaft is now also adjustable (up and down) from 6″ to 12″ high, allowing for their head to be positioned just right. Once positioned tighten bolts and watch them squirm. The stockade is easy to assemble and comes with a few nuts and bolts.

SKU: STD-RI750-NoRod Categories: , ,
Manufacturer Sku #: RI750-NoRod-L
Item Weight: 15.00 pounds
Manufacturer Name: XR Brands
Brand: Kink Industries
Packaging: Vacuum Sealed
Color: Black
Material: Metal
Sizing recommendation: The most common is a 6″ Collar, 2.5″ Wrists and 3.5″ Ankles. These specs fit approximately 80% of adults.
Please allow up to 4 weeks to process orders for this item. Feel free contact us to confirm immediate availability.

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