Short Leather Riding Crop with Rhinestone Handle

Short Leather Riding Crop with Rhinestone Handle


Add a little razzle dazzle to your dungeon collection with this Short Riding Crop with Rhinestone Handle! This compact impact tool is perfectly balanced for a satisfying feel in the hand and an easier swing while you play – perfect for all skill levels to explore impact play at their own pace.

Built to be sturdy and long lasting for a reliable tool to your BDSM arsenal!

Measurements: Overall length 22 inches, crop width 1.6 inches

Materials: Leather, metal, rhinestones

Color: Black, clear

Key Features:
Dazzling Rhinestone Handle: The grippy, solid handle is bedazzled with radiant rhinestones to add a shiny flash to your BDSM collection; perfect for beginners or experts alike
Satisfying Balanced Weight: Designed with a balanced weight in the hand so you can manipulate this Crop with ease
Soft Leather Slapper: The leather slapper at the end of this Crop is soft and flexible for a satisfying slap without discomfort
Durable and Dependable: Designed with a sturdy build from tip to tip for a long lasting addition to your collection of toys and tools

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Weight: 0.16

Brand: Strict Leather

Packaging: Retail Packaging

Material: Leather, Metal, Rhinestones

Color: Black


Length: 22



Power Source:


Dimensions 2400 × 1517 in


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