Stainless Steel Spiked Chastity Cage

Stainless Steel Spiked Chastity Cage


This sinister Spiked Chastity Cage is a penis prison built for the most deviant of submissives. Made of cold, hard steel, it is non-porous, durable and difficult to escape! The spine of the cage has devilish rings that bear 4 spikes each, evenly spaced, so you can feel their pointed prick pressing into your naughty erection, immediately correcting an unapproved moment of excitement. The base is built similarly to a pair of metal handcuffs; it is circular with a hinge at the center and many, rectangular slats that line up so you can lock it in place securely. Use the flat, flanged pin to slide into the slats once you discover the right fit, and then use the lock provided to lock it into place. This cage includes 2 keys along with the lock and cage and a small, black, velvet bag for storage.

Enjoy wearing this cage long term! The open design has practical application that allows you to urinate and shower without issue. Feel free to get the steel cage wet during a shower or wear at work, the gym, out at a bar or nightclub, or simply when around your Mistress.

To thoroughly clean, remove the device and soak in a hygienic solution of warm water and soap and any other solutions of your choice. Rinse and let thoroughly dry before your next use.

Scrotum ring adjusts from 1.6-2.2 inches
Internal length: approximately 4 inches
External length: approximately 4.125 inches
internal diameter: 1.1 inches, measured from spike tips

Materials: Stainless Steel

Color: Silver

Key Features:
Cold, Hard Steel: This device is made with strong, durable steel so it makes a fortified prison for your cock. Non-porous, easy to clean and built to last.
Spiked Cage: On the inner rings are 4 spikes that are evenly spaced on each ring. As you get erect, the spikes begin to press into your erection.
Handcuff Locking Mechanism: The base is a metal circle with a hinge so you can adjust for a snug and secure fit. Simply take the flat, flanged pin and slide it through the thin, rectangular hole of your choosing. Then use the lock and slip it through the pin-hole to lock it into place. Cage includes 2 keys and one lock.
Cum-Thru Open Tip: You can enjoy wearing this for long periods of time and even keep it on in the shower! The open design creates a Cum-Thru tip that allows you to use the bathroom as needed.

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Weight: 0.41

Brand: Master Series

Packaging: Vacuum Sealed

Material: Stainless Steel

Color: Grey


Length: 4


Width/Diameter: 1.1

Power Source:


Dimensions 2400 × 2145 in


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