Stuffed Cat Tail and Panty

Stuffed Cat Tail and Panty


Slink up to your lover and purr gently or scratch them, if that’s your thing too! Our Cat Tail Panty is lightly stuffed so there are no air valves or worries of constant re-inflation in case of leaks. Tiny vent holes allow the tail to be comfortably sat on or if it’s stepped on and will puff back up on it’s own. The panty is made to fit and has a reinforced area with a heavy duty snap to detach the tail if needed. Your choice of main tail and panty color and contrasting tail tip color.

As Shown:

  • Primary/Main Color: Black
  • Secondary/Trim Color: Metallic Pink
  • Length: 40″
  • Diameter: 2″
Weight .5 lbs


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