Tyler Premium Fantasy Male Love Doll

Tyler Premium Fantasy Male Love Doll


Take home this fantasy love doll and make him into your very own boyfriend! He’ll be a constant companion for lonely nights, a seductive lover always ready to have fun, and a perfect way to explore new things for those who are curious to feel the firm rod and hard abs of a man. Made out of TPE rubber, his body is firm, supple and soft to touch. With stainless steel armature and posable joints, his body is built strong and can be put in almost any position. He can even stand on his own if you’d like a man who can stand up for himself! His blue, bedroom eyes and full lips will seduce you and light you desire aflame every morning and night. Enjoy his realistic body, torso, hands and feet as you dress him exactly how you want to. With three wigs to choose from, you can make him a blonde, brunette or redhead for every fantasy and desire you have. Ride his 7.5 inch rod, penetrate his open anal canal, or push your own rod or dildo into his mouth for a BJ. With so many ways to enjoy him, you’ll be busy exploring his body for hours at a time!

He lounges on the couch, his legs spread and his lips parted, pouting. His shirt is open and you can see his firm abs and chest. His posture is so casual, but his eyes are like fires burning into you, alert and ready to take you in his mouth, his backside, or let you ride him. Any way you want him, he’s alert and ready. You grab some water-based lube and use it to get him nice and wet. Then you slide him inside you as you mount him. His rod is large and girthy, so you switch it up, bend him over and spread that beautiful booty. You’re making this bottom take it and loving every moment! After you’re done, the weight of his body is comforting, and you lay together catching your breath.

How to clean his Love Canals: After use, flush the canal with a mild antibacterial soap and water using an enema or douche bulb (sold separately). Once clean, rinse the canal repeatedly with clean water until all soap is removed. Once dry, lightly dust cleaned areas with 100% cornstarch.
How to clean his body: Spot clean any soiled areas by using a wet cloth and mild antimicrobial soap. Take extra care to be gentle when cleaning his intricate face and neck area, making sure to never submerge his head, face or neck. Gently pat dry with a soft, absorbent towel once clean then lightly dust the area with 100% cornstarch.
How to clean his hair: Clean only on as-needed basis. Remove the wig and gently use a mild shampoo and conditioner. Allow the wig to air dry before putting it back on. Carefully use a wide tooth comb to style the hair. Gently remove any tangles by starting at the tips and slowly working up.

Store him in a cool, dark location in a standing position when not in use, ideally without clothing or shoes. Never store him in a bent position or with his joints resting against any hard surfaces. If you wish to cover him while storing to avoid dust, loosely drape or wrap a white or natural fabric such as a white cotton sheet or undyed muslin fabric over him.

Measurements: 63 inches tall, with a 35 inch chest, 26 inch waist, and 37 inch hips. His penis is 7.5 inches in length, and 1.5 inches in diameter. His anus depth is 7.5 inches and his oral depth is 6 inches.

Doll Weight: 100 lbs.

Material: TPE

Color: Flesh

Key Features:
Realistic Boyfriend: Enjoy playing with your new boyfriend! His realistic body, hands and feet are begging to be touched and seduced.
Anal Canal and Large Dong: You can ride his large, 7.5 inch (19.05 cm) rod or plunge the depths of his 7.5 inch anal canal!
Self Standing with Posable Joints: Built with stainless steel armature and posable joints, he can also stand on his own.
Full Lips, Bedroom Eyes, Bubble Butt: his gorgeous, blue, bedroom eyes and full lips set your desire aflame and his round, bubble butt begs to be grabbed, slapped, and have its cheeks spread for penetration! His oral canal can also be penetrated, too!
Includes Three Wigs: Make him a blonde, brunette or redhead with these three wig options.

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Weight: 116

Brand: NextGen Dolls

Packaging: Vacuum Sealed

Material: TPE

Color: Flesh




Width/Diameter: 35

Power Source:


Dimensions 2400 × 2400 in


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